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Today we are officially 100 days smarter, because today was our 100th day in senior infants. We had a fantastic day celebrating our 100th day. Our day was based around lots of 100th day activities.

Firstly we made 100th day crowns. We proudly wore them during the day.

The next challenge tested our fine motor skills. We made ‘cheerios’ necklaces by putting 100 cheerios on some string. We discovered that the best way to count to 100 was in groups of 10.

We then tried to predict the future and draw what we would look like when we are 100. We got to draw what we might eat and something we might like to do or play when we are 100. We were extremely creative (maybe even a bit optimistic) and thought of some things we would buy if we had €100.

We had so much fun celebrating our 100th day, and can’t wait to enjoy the rest of our time in senior infants.