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5th Class January News

Completing the Circuit

The new year started back with great enthusiasm as the class designed a quiz game.

This was a quiz with a difference as it involved the creating of an electric circuit.

Once a question was linked with the correct answer, the electric circuit was completed, resulting in the sounding of a buzzer or the illuminating of a lightbulb!

We loved showing these to 6th Class – the classroom was ‘buzzing’ with excitement.

The J.E.P. Programme.

We are greatly looking forward to a visit from a local entrepreneur, Ferg Brown, a local roaster and coffee maker (www.roastedbrown.com).

Following this visit, we will then divide into various teams to work on developing our own business idea ‘Fabulous Frames’.

English/Visual Art:

Having read three excerpts from Betsy Byer’s novel ‘The Midnight Fox’, we then learned how to sketch a fox.

Persistence was needed and it was worth all the effort as our sketches turned out to be works of art!

We also ‘popped’ out some super pictures, using the ‘one point perspective’ technique.

Puzzling Times:

Thanks to Ms. Mc Nutt who loaned us this fantastic game.       5th class are whizzes when it comes solving sudoku – they work almost daily on this and enjoy a good challenge.

We look forward to next updating you in February.