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3rd Class have had an extremely busy second term and are looking forward to a well deserved Easter break. Here is a glimpse of just some of the things the class have been engaged in.

Under Ms. Aragane’s tutelage and with the valuable support of Mr Dixon and Tyler,  3rd Class have embraced creative computer coding using Scratch with very interesting results. It just shows what interest, imagination, application, concentration and optimum listening skills can produce. No doubt 3rd Class will continue to engage just as actively in this computer coding application after Easter and further develop an interest in computer coding which will be of value to them in the years ahead.

Within the classroom the pupils have been solving mathematical problems cooperatively in groups, each pupil taking dedicated ownership of a different role in every session. Working closely in groups, endeavouring to produce the best from each and every team member is vital for school and for life and it is something we will be spending a lot of time on honing our skills.

During Engineers Week, 3rd Class were one of the two classes lucky enough to be visited by the engineer Mr. Conall Finn of Engineers Ireland. This was a very interesting, hands on, engaging session where the class learned about the work of engineers in different walks of life and then in groups once again had to put their engineering skills to the test. Their brief was to design a ‘Skyscraper’ or ‘Super Structure’ made of spaghetti and marshmallows. Each group also had to manage a budget whilst creating their structure and it was a dynamic event enjoyed by one and all.

3rd class spaghetti and marshmallows

3rd Class have the deadline of this Thursday the 6th of April to hand in their Ancient Egypt projects and we have all enjoyed the last few weeks learning and researching the lives and times of this ever popular and mysterious ancient culture.

Finally 3rd Class recently had their very first full class chess session with fourteen competitive beginners games being played out all at the same time. We are all just starting out but with the levels of enthusiasm, interest and application demonstrated so far I’m sure it is an area that will continue to prove popular in 3rd class and I hope in time eventually with all of the school. We hope enjoying this game socially will further improve our higher order thinking skills and also enhance our abilities to think more critically, to learn to plan ahead and ultimately to problem solve more effectively and efficiently – yet again more vital skills for life.

3rd class chess