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The Board of Management consists of:

Two elected Parents’/Guardians’ Nominees (one father/guardian, one mother/guardian)
Two Patrons’ Nominees
One elected Teachers’ Nominee
The Principal Teacher
Two members of the wider community who are unanimously co-opted by the other six nominated board members with the aim of providing targeted expertise to the board.
The membership of the current BOM includes:

Ms Sarah Wray Parents’ Nominee
Mr Gavin Doyle Parents’ Nominee
Ms Ruth Monds Teachers’ Nominee
Ms Jayne Balmer Community Nominee and Treasurer
Mr Eugene Roe Community Nominee
Rev Baden Stanley Patron’s Nominee and Chairperson
Mr David Reid Patron’s Nominee
Daphne Wood School Principal and ex-officio member

All members of the BOM, apart from the principal teacher, serve on a purely voluntary basis.

The B.O.M. has many duties but is chiefly concerned with ensuring the smooth and efficient running and upkeep of the school building as well as the safety and well being of pupils and staff. The B.O.M. is also responsible for the review and ratification of school policies and over-all management of the school in accordance with:

The Rules for National Schools (Department of Education and Skills (D.E.S.)
Circulars and guidelines issued by the D.E.S.
The Education and Education (Welfare) Acts
Other legislation and procedures prescribed by An tOireachtais
Successful school management is achieved through an inclusive partnership involving parents/guardians, staff, pupils and management. St. Andrew’s N.S. B.O.M. greatly values the support and cooperation of parents/guardians and staff who play a crucial role in the running of the school.
Responsibility for all monies collected on behalf of the school, plus the administration of funding from state sources, lies with the B.O.M.

The B.O.M. is also charged with responsibility of appointing school staff when a vacancy arises.