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As last week was Engineers Week we had the opportunity to attend a talk held in Bray Library all about working as an engineer. The talk was given by Liam Bourke, a civil engineer working with Bray Municipal District. Liam spoke about the different types of engineering, how engineering can be found in everyday life, what is involved in becoming an engineer and what his role in Bray involves. The students then participated in a STEM activity, creating a structure from spaghetti and marshmallows.

During our science lesson this week we continued with the theme of engineering. In groups, the students were challenged to create the tallest tower possible using only plastic cups. The competition was fierce and ended in a draw between two teams reaching a height of 18 plastic cups!

Not only did we get to attend an engineering talk this week but we also received a visit from Conall Finn. Conall is an engineer who has visited the class previously and we were delighted to have him back this year. Conall spoke about the different branches of engineering he has worked in, the work that is involved in becoming an engineer and the importance of teamwork. The students then carried out the task of creating a bridge that could hold the weight of a lego truck. Each group managed to create a solid structure which allowed the lego truck to drive onto the bridge.