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It is the first month of spring and here in Junior Infants we are excited to start learning all about the growth and new life which we will begin to see all around us in the coming weeks. February is a fun and exciting month as the days become longer and brighter but we will also have a different change happening in our classroom too.

For the next three weeks we will be welcoming Ms. Hand to our class. She has planned lots of exciting lessons for us and we can’t wait to make our special visitor feel right at home here in Junior Infants.

We hope that you have all enjoyed using the different gymnastics balances and skills every week for ‘Move on Monday’ homework. Even though we have finished our block of gymnastics in school it is a great idea to continue to use these prompts every Monday as they are a fantastic way of developing fine and gross motor skills such as coordination, balance and strength. This month we will be focusing on the area of dance in P.E. so these skills will also help us in this area too. We will be making up short dance routines in small groups and creating mirror and individual dances to different pieces of music. Responding to music through the medium of dance isn’t just a great form of exercise and a way of improving our musical abilities but it is also excellent for improving our mood, levels of happiness and our overall wellbeing.

As always we will be working on a new theme for the duration of the month and our new theme is, you’ve guessed it, ‘spring’. Our role play area has turned into ‘The St. Andrew’s Vet Surgery’ and we will be learning the names of animals and their young, the names of different types of flowers and exploring the changes to the environment which we see in spring.

A date for your diaries for this month is February 18th– 22nd inclusive as this is our midterm break and school will be closed for the week.