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A visit from Greystones Mariners Baseball Club

On 21st February , Greystones Mariners baseball team came to our school to teach us how to play baseball. The coaches’ names were Chris, Tom and Leo. (by Elena and Samuel)

We were split up into three stations.

The first station was batting. Chris taught us the correct hand position, the correct stands and to keep our elbows high. You need to put your hands together at the base of the bat (where the nub is, so your hand won’t slip off) , bring your elbow up and hit the ball. If you were left handed you had to hold the bat differently to the right handed way.

The second station was pitching (also known as throwing). Here Tom taught us how to step forward to get all the force into the throw steps and how to throw correctly. You need to bring your arm back past your head, take a step and throw .

The third station was fielding. All you need to do here is catch the ball with your glove, then quickly put your other hand on the glove to keep it still.

(by Sive, Izzy and Niklas)


I had lots of fun playing baseball with my friends. I hope they come again ( by Roan)

I had fun.   (by Finn)

I really enjoyed baseball and if it is on in the summer I will definitely join . ( by Kayla)