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Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh! Happy New Year to you all.

After the success of our Christmas play, ‘The Angel Agency” we are all ready to begin our final six months in primary school. For those of you who could not come and see our play please see the January school newsletter for our behind the scenes exclusive.


We here in sixth class know that 2018 is going to be a great year. We began the term by discussing our plans and goals for the year and we created abstract pieces of art based on our resolutions. The whole school have also agreed to work on the coming resolution of kindness. We are all going to make a special effort to be as kind as possible to all our friends, family, visitors and all those who we interact and communicate with throughout each day.


We are all very excited to have Ms. Gallagher with us until our mid term break in February. She has prepared fantastic lessons for the class and will be facilitating fun activities based on the 1916 Rising, energy and world religions to name but a few.


While we have completed half of our Genius Hour sessions we will be continuing our projects after mid-term and we aim to have our project presentations ready before the Easter break. We plan to hold a Genius Hour morning for the parents and guardians of sixth class before Easter in order to give the pupils an opportunity to showcase their projects. We will finalise a time and date closer to Easter. At the beginning of our Genius Hour projects we came up with a key questions which we would aim to answer throughout the project. You can look forward to discovering the answers to our key questions duirng our presentations. Some of the key questions which 6th class based their topics on include:


-Are there any ways of learning a language more quickly?

-How is make up made and how can you recognise counterfit make up products?

-Was it a meteorite that killed the dinosaurs?

-Why is the grass green?

-What would happen if sharks became extinct?

-Is maths useful in every day life?

-How was Google created?

and many many more interesting topics


Don’t forget you can keep up to date with all the activities and lessons we are completing in 6th class by regularly checking our page! Before you go, can you solve these dingbats? Each picture contains a hint or clue and is based on a saying or phrase.