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3rd Class had a very exciting new resource added to the classroom this term. We now have access to a set of chromebooks. Over the past few weeks we have had so much fun learning how to use the chromebooks and setting up our own personal drives to store all of our hard work. These chromebooks have allowed us to really enhance our use of ICT in the classroom and have contributed to some exciting lessons. Here are just some of the activities we have worked on:

  • Typing and editing poems about the importance of bees.
  • Commencing collaborative group presentations about New Zealand, using Google Slides.
  • Playing interactive maths games based on different topics, such as symmetry.
  • Engaging in very exciting Kahoot quizes on a range of topics.
  • Assessing our learning using quizzes on Socrative.
  • Typing our own Easter stories.

The list goes on! We are really looking forward to seeing how we can use chromebooks in more new and exciting ways during the rest of the school year. After Easter we will also be engaging with the Webwise programme. This will help to reinforce how we can remain safe whilst using the internet and help us to make exploring the internet a positive experience.