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We have been very busy in Senior Infants this month.

Our Aistear theme this month was the Garda Station. We played in the garda station working as detectives, we were able to help solve crimes in the area. We designed crime scenes using lego bricks. Creating squad cars and garda stations using junk art was so much fun. We love sharing these with the class during lunch time too.

We were extremely lucky that a detective came in to visit our class and spoke to us about her job. There was a crime committed in the classroom, so the detective took our fingerprints to investigate and solve the crime. This was definitely our favourite part of the garda station!

Everyone in Senior Infants worked really hard this month on their art projects. We studied Wassily Kandinsky, learning about both him and his art work. Our word of the week was ‘inspired’ and we created our own art work inspired by his piece ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’. Our projects are now outside the classroom for everyone to see.

Gymnastics in PE was so much fun this month. We were practicing really hard and Ms. Senior was so impressed with our skills. Balancing, jumping, rolling, transferring weight, twisting and turning were just some of the skills we learnt. Everyone in the class was able to do a forward roll!