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Happy New Year from all of us here in Junior Infants! We hope everyone had a fun, restful and peaceful Christmas spent with family and friends.

This school year really is flying by and it’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the school year. Junior Infants have undertaken so many exciting lessons and activities and have learned lots of new skills but there is even more fun to come.

Now that it is January we have another new theme for the month. This month the class will be learning all about transport and journeys. We will be naming and sorting different modes of transport and describing how different vehicles work and how they transport people and things differently. We will be discussing journeys that we take on a regularly basis, like going to school, and we will also be describing special journeys that we have been on before. Speaking of journeys, did you know that the Irish word ‘Aistear’ means journey?

Well our Aistear stations have also changed this month and now that Christmas has been and gone Santa’s Workshop has closed for another year and the St. Andrew’s International Airport is now open for business so if you are looking for some very competitively priced flights look no further! Pupils will be learning and developing language based on the different things we do at the airport such as checking in for our flight, checking our baggage is allowed, looking at our flight time on the departures screen, going through security, finding our gate and boarding our flight on time. At the other Aistear stations we will be creating our very own road network for our vehicles and using junk art to make our very own imaginative vehicles.  We will even be learning ‘The Transportation Song’!

In our Gaeilge lessons this month we will be learning all about caitheamh aimsire which means hobbies. We will be using lots of different verbs during these lessons, for example, walking, reading, laughing, running and jumping. If you would like to know how to say these verbs in Irish then be sure to ask one of our Junior Infant pupils and they will happily teach you.

We will be learning four new sounds this month. Our new sounds are ‘l’, ‘f’, ‘b’ and ‘ai’. Be sure to ask your child to name words which begin with and contain these sounds and encourage them to write the sounds at home in order to reinforce and further develop the correct letter formations.