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This week was math week. We loved doing activities every day based on various math topics. Our number of the week this week is 17. We included this number into lots of our fun activities.

We ‘baked’ some playdough cookies and each cookie had to measure 17 grams.

We were so lucky and got to go outside and complete a math scavenger hunt, a math measure trail and a shape hunt!

During literacy and when we are lucky at break time we read many stories this week based on numbers and math topics. We also love learning nursey rhymes in first class and we got to learn many new counting rhymes including.

In First Class, we are great at telling the time and love pretending to be the arms on the clock and asking the class to guess the time! Can you guess what time it is below?

We played some great addition games on Friday and had lots of fun.

We really enjoyed math week and can’t wait for more math madness in First Class!