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Related imageWelcome back everyone! We hope you had a fantastic time over the Easter break and are now ready for our final school term. Here in Junior Infants we are ready to get back to work and learn some great new skills and discover new information this month. Our theme for the month of May is houses and homes and we can’t wait to get working on this theme as it promises to be a great one.

We are going to be learning all about houses and homes. We will be learning to identify and name different types of homes e.g. detached house, semi-detached, apartment, bungalow, caravan and many more. Image result for types of homesWe will also be describing our own homes and discovering that we all live in different types of homes. Be sure to discuss the names of the rooms in your house with your child as this will help them to participate in the class discussions. Why not make it a fun game to play with your child and name a room in the house which they must go to. They can also name rooms which you must go to as well. Fun and educational, the perfect way to learn! Junior Infants will also be looking at pictures of different homes from around the world and will be discussing and naming the differences and similarities between homes from other countries and the homes we have here in Ireland.

During play, we will be opening the Junior Infants Housing Company in our socio-dramatic area and the children will take on the roles of the builder and planner in order to design and build different types of homes. We all know how difficult it is to get planning permission these days and make no mistake, Junior Infants will be equally restrictive in who they give planning permission! The class will also be given construction task cards at theRelated image other play stations and they will attempt to construct a range of homes using Lego and our wooden bricks.

Don’t forget to ask your child to teach you the new homes and houses vocabulary they have been learning about as this is a great form of revision and consolidation. In this final term, it is also important that each child continues to read their homework readers and words every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night and don’t forget to encourage your child to exercise for at least 10 minutes every Monday for their ‘Move on Monday’ homework. It would also be most helpful if you could ensure your child has all the necessary pencils in their pencil case each day and that these are sharpened at home when needed.