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The School Graden 

During October we visited the school garden. We learnt how to use a pouter . We were then able to collect and examine a range omini-beasts including woodlice, spiders, centipedes and pholcus phalangioides (daddy long legs). We also discovered that leaf piles and under flower pots were favoured habitats!


Maths Week 

One of the most popular maths activity was our inter class Beetle Drive.  Our buddies from Junior Infants really enjoyed learning how to play this game. We also played maths-related board games and completed activities from wwwmathsweek.com.


Other activities

Beach Front Trail: We paired up with our Junior Infant class buddies and took advantage of the good weather in mid October. We helped the infants collect items from the beach and also got a chance to visit the playground.

Cycling: We completed our lessons and are more competent cyclists. Thank you to Tony and Noel for their patience and expertise.


Dress up day:  pumpkins, smurfs, an elephant, a spider, a hippie, Hermione Granger and Michael Jackson were among the pupils on the last day before half term. We were all really tempted to break into the vending machine that Dylan had created for his costume!!

Sponsored Walk:  we accompanied the Junior Infants up and down Bray Head- there were many very tired feet afterwards!!

Project Work : Our project work in November will focus on World War 1. We have begun by learning two songs ‘ You shall go out with Joy’ and ‘Oró ‘sé a bheatha ‘bhaile’ which we performed at the Remembrance Day Service in Christ Church Bray. At this service we learnt more about the impact of the war on Bray a hundred years ago and listened to a number of songs of the era performed by the Brook Singers.

Examining mini-beasts in the school garden