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Why do we have so many bicycles in our school yard????

Fifth class are participating in the Cycle Right Safety programme. This seven week programme began with a talk about cycle safety equipment and the need to have our bicycles in perfect working order. Two lessons have already taken place in the schoolyard and we have practised skills including indicating correctly, braking and cycling in crowded area. Huge congratulations to one member of our class who persisted and mastered cycling in the second session- Well done Tadgh. Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring the programme, to Wendy Costello for organising logistics and to Tony, Noel and Barbara for their expertise and good humour.


Below are a few of our comments :

‘We’re learning safety rules together’ (Niklas)

It’s good to work with people who have great skill in this area (Emma)

You learn how to be exact when you’re cycling (David)

I felt really good about myself when I learnt to cycle (Tadgh)


Other News

We’ve been busy in other subject areas including :

  • SPHE: we created a mosaic which gives details of everyone’s interests and hobbies
  • Science (chemistry): we investigated the effect acids have on an egg shell- why not try it with vinegar at home.
  • History: we designed family crests.