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It is hard to believe that Junior Infant pupils have already completed their first two months at school!


It is a new season, a new month and that means a new Aistear theme. For the month of November, the pupils will be learning all about the doctor, the hospital and the overall theme of being sick.

The role play area has been transformed into a doctor’s surgery and the play rota has been fully revamped. Pupils will have the opportunity to be doctors, nurses, patients and receptionists in the doctor’s surgery and they will be creating puppet shows based on a trip to the doctor’s, creating doctor’s equipment from play dough and they will design and make lots of useful items for the in-class surgery at the arts and crafts station.

This month, pupils will be learning four new sounds which are ‘h’, ‘r’, ‘m’ and ‘d’. Don’t forget that it is really helpful to reinforce this learning at home. Some ideas to help revise the letters include: naming words beginning with the sounds, recognising the letters in printed material such as books and tracing the letter with pens, in sand and in the air. You can also ask your child to teach you the song for each letter, tell you the letter story and teach you the action for the letters too.


Homework will begin on the second week of November so you will notice some new items in your child’s folder. Each pupil will have a plastic packet with individual letters on flashcards, a reader with a bookmark and a slip of paper for parents/guardians to sign each evening when the homework has been fully completed. Please try to remember to sign this every day so that we can be sure the homework has been completed.


Don’t forget that Monday homework consists of physical activity and is referred to as ‘Move on Monday’. You and your child get to select a physical activity to do for 10 minutes (A healthy body is a healthy mind). Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights are for flashcard and reader work. When doing flashcards with your child try to make it as fun as possible. Make sure that they can correctly say the sound for each letter while also doing the accompanying action. Only letters we have completed in class are in the packets so these will be added to on a weekly basis but make sure to continue to revise the old flashcards too! The bookmark in the reader will guide you through the book for the week. Readers will be changed once a week so each Tuesday your child will have a new reader. To begin with, the readers solely contain pictures but try not to underestimate the importance of discussing the pictures, encouraging your child to tell the story in their own words and making predictions and observations as these skills lay solid foundations for beginning to read.