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The School Garden

Welcome to our School Garden page! We are delighted to be back in active mode in our garden after a long winter without being able to get out and get things done.

The following is a rough guide to our year plan. We have been enjoying the lovely flowers grown from the bulbs we planted in October.

We also enjoyed delicious brussel sprouts during January. We have started to pull up our leeks and have been raffling them in the classes. We have a great crop this year.

The broccoli is beginning to get little purple heads and we look forward to seeing it develop.

The seed potatoes are being prepared by leaving them in a cool, dry, light place to develop roots before planting.

We are looking for one or two parents/grandparents who could come in with Mrs MacGovern once a week (possibly Fridays) to help to supervise children when they are in the garden. It would involve being in the garden helping out for about an hour working with small groups of children from different classes. If you would like to participate please leave your name at the office and we will get back to you. Many thanks.


  • Plant bulbs – in planters and on bank at back of school.
  • Plant leeks – raised bed


  • Plant broccoli and garlic plants in the raised beds.
  • Prepare ground at fence for receipt of saplings. Dig and manure.


  • Chit the potatoes. Don’t be fooled, it is still too cold to be planting seeds we won’t be able to plant them out for ages!!!


  • Make framework for netting cover on raised beds.
  • Bulbs will be blooming
  • Harvest leeks


  • Plant potatoes, sunflower seeds and carrots
  • Plant peas, beans, marigolds, cornflowers and spinach
  • Pick broccoli
  • Sow any seeds you fancy!
  • Children can make wigwams from twigs for peas and beans to grow up.
  • Watering rota if necessary.


  • Sow pumpkin seeds
  • Plant out sweet pea
  • Plant out spinach and cabbages
  • Watering rota


  • Harvesting, tidying and watering