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Junior infant pupils have settled in brillantly to their new classroom. They have already learned lots of school routines like making a ‘T’ shape with their hands when they would like to use the toilet, putting their hand up when they have a question, listening quietly when others are speaking and being nice and quiet when walking in a line. The class have already gone on a tour of the school and saw all the great places we have, like the library, the computer room, the school garden and the hall.


So far we have read some lovely stories together like ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?’, ‘Handa’s Hen’ and ‘Peace at Last’ and each pupil has created a number of fantastic drawings based on the stories. Each pupil is also practising writing their name on any work which they do. It would be most helpful if pupils were encouraged and helped to write their names at home in order to further consolidate this learning.

Junior infants were also introduced to their class bear. His name is Andrew and he likes to go on lots of fun adventures. Pictures of these adventures can be seen on the display board outside the infant classroom.


Junior infants can’t wait to start our play/Aistear hour which we will undertake every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our mini school is already set up in the classroom as the overall theme for September is school. As well as playing in the school area groups will also be creating school items at the arts and crafts station, putting on puppet shows at the puppet station and building places around the school at the lego station.


Don’t forget to check our page in the coming weeks to find out all about the great work we will be doing and to hear about the fun things we will be learning.