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It is hard to believe that another school year is coming to a close as we prepare for our summer holidays! 3rd Class have had an extremely busy month and have been making the most of the beautiful weather that we have been having.

Firstly, we went on our school tour to the Pine Forest Art Centre. Whilst there we walked from Dublin to Wicklow (which sounds longer than you think, as it only involved crossing a river), we went on a nature trail and we completed many art activities. We also got to go on another trip to the seafront in Bray. When we were there we played parachute games, drew the landscape, played in the playground, had a game of rounders, built sandcastles and even got a 99!

However, we have also completed many exciting activities in school, such as our school sports day which family members joined us for. Our sports day activities included sprinting, sack races, relay races, the long throw, long distance running and racket and ball. Ms. Byrne was so impressed by everyone’s participation.

On our last week we had Active Week and a talent show with second class. Active week ran from Monday to Friday and we got to sample a variety of sports from karate to dancing. We even got to do PE stations led by 6th class. We were so lucky to have beautiful summer weather which allowed us to make the most of our school field for the various activities. Finally, during our talent show we were blown away by the variety of acts that we had e.g. musicians, sports skills, poetry, riddles, dancers and singers (just to name a few). This event really demonstrated the many talents that our classmates have.

After a very busy few weeks we are all looking forward to a restful summer as we prepare to move onto 4th class.