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During the month of November, Senior Infants learned all about coffee shops. One of the highlights of the month was when Martin, the owner of Barry and Browne coffee shop and a parent in the class, came in and told us what is involved in running a coffee shop! We were able to ask him lots of questions about his coffee shop, including the opening times and closing times, the number of waiters, waitresses and chefs they have employed, the number of customers that come in each day, the different food that is served and the various jobs that the owner has to do. We learned that the dog in the logo is based on their family dog Brownie! We loved the idea of owning our own coffee shop, baking different foods, taking in lots of money, but we weren’t as keen on the idea of having to clean the toilets! We want to say a big thank you to Martin and Sarah for coming in and teaching us all about coffee shops! Thank you too for the delicious cupcakes – we loved them!

In November we also set up a coffee shop in the classroom, practised greeting people, wrote menus, placed orders and paid for food and drinks. We enjoyed making Cafe’s in the construction and small world areas. Here are some of the photos of our creations!

The food delivery truck arriving at the Café.

One of our menus. Eggs were very expensive at this Café!

We created Zoom with a Café beside it.