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3rd Class have had an extremely busy first term in school applying themselves and working very hard across all subject areas.Here is a glimpse of just some of the things the class have been engaged in.

With Ms. Aragane at the helm, 3rd Class have embraced computer coding using the fun and creative Scratch programme which has resulted in some unique and interesting output. It just shows what interest, imagination, application, concentration and optimum listening skills can produce.

3rd Classes cursive writing skills continue to improve in no small measure due to Ms. Mangan’s writing classes and once again our pupils dedicated application. No doubt the first of our Pen licences will be issued very early next year.

Within the classroom 3rd Class pupils have been very creative writing their own ‘Dog’ inspired tales and just recently penning a Winter Haiku. The quality of content and creativity in the stories written and in the recent Haiku hot off the presses are a great showcase of the level of writing talent present in the class. Top marks 3rd Class! J

In Science we have been learning about the natural world around us and the amazing plants and animals that share our blue planet and call it home, just like us. We have also been thinking of how best to look after the welfare of all living things and how best to protect vulnerable environments for the future. Apart from that we have been concentrating on Forces, their existence in our world and the affect they have on us. We made our own compass from a needle, a magnet, a bowl of water and some paper and we also explored gravity, making parachutes and helicopters.

3rd Class have just recently been learning, relearning or honing their chess skills with up to fourteen competitive beginner’s games being played out in class all at the same time. We are all just starting out but with the levels of enthusiasm and interest demonstrated so far I’m sure it is an area that will continue to prove popular. We hope enjoying this game socially will further improve our higher order thinking skills and also enhance our abilities to think more critically, to learn to plan ahead and ultimately to problem solve more effectively and efficiently which is so vital in our modern age.

Finally 3rd Class have started to decorate their classroom with Christmas crafts, all made by their own hands. We are going to be very busy until the end of the school year but if you want to see our festive classroom please then come take a look after school someday.