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Our School Garden

This page is dedicated to our beautiful school garden. A special thanks to all the parents, staff and children for all their hard work in making our garden wonderful. 

Thank you to Ruth, Dana, Beth, Renata and all other parents for their hard work and support. 

Spring has Sprung in St. Andrews

Growing Cress

Junior Infants grew cress

  1. First, we put soil in the pot.

  2. Next, we put cress seeds on the soil.

  3. Then, we watered them.

  4. After 2 days, they germinated.

  5. Finally, a week later, they are ready to eat.

Fun Fact: Did you know cress has more vitamin C than an orange?!


Growing Peas

Junior Infants planted pea seeds.

The seeds can take from 7-10 days to germinate. Check back to see what they look like once they start growing!

Junior Infants have been doing some lovely drawing and writing in their planting and growing booklets. 


Senior Infants planting

In Aistear we planted sunflower seeds in round pots to bring home and in square pots we planted pansies, poached egg flowers and wild flowers for the school garden. It was lots of fun and we are excited to see what will grow. 


- Written by Senior Infants 

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