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The Reid Library

We are very lucky in St. Andrew’s N.S. to have a fantastic school library.

There are three fiction sections organised by age and a Junior and Senior non-fiction section. Over the last few years we have been focussing on buying newly released fiction across the age range 4-12. The pupils have an input into the books that we buy through our “library wishlist” on the library noticeboard and the “library suggestion book” in the library itself.

A few years ago with the wonderful support and financial help of the PTA we refurbished the library.

There is now a lovely cosy corner for the junior pupils to have a quiet and comfortable place to read. The walls of the library have been decorated with posters, pictures and transfers. Our new shelving units made it easier to find items and also to shelve larger books.

We catalogue our books using METIS, which is child friendly way of organising (categorising) the information books in our library.

Most importantly we are buying new information books after consultation with teachers, pupils, reading current reviews and taking stock advice from the School Library Association.

If anyone, parent or pupil, has and ideas or suggestions for our school library they can speak to Wendy Costello or write in our “Library Suggestion Book”.

Also if any parents would like to help with the library, please contact Wendy Costello in the office.

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