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Food Dudes

Food Dudes Blog

written by 5th Class

On Monday we started food dudes! So far we have eaten apple, tomato, carrot, blueberries, satsuma, pepper, banana and cucumber. We still have one more day to eat veg and fruit! After we finish the week the food dudes will encourage us to eat lots more fruit and veg!

On Monday we started food dudes and every day we tried different fruit and veg .

MONDAY: apple and tomato

TUESDAY: peppers and satsuma

WEDNESDAY: blueberry`s and carrot`s THURSDAY: banana and cucumber

FRIDAY: surprise

Thank you Food Dudes.

Food Dudes Blog 5th class

Banana and cucumber

Apple and tomatoes

Blueberry and carrot

Pepper and satsuma

5th classes’ job was to deliver the fruits and vegetables and then after big break we go to collect the wrappers.Then after all that, the food dudes people came and composted the wrappers. Thanks for the food.

Food Dudes Blog

This week we started Food Dudes, that means that the entire school got to have fruit and vegetables. 5th class got to deliver the bags of food to each of the classes so that we could all eat delicious fruit and vegetables. So far we have had:

Monday: apple and tomato.

Tuesday: satsuma and pepper.

Wednesday: blueberry and carrot.

Thursday: banana and cucumber.

Friday: apple,blueberry,carrot and courgette

Food Dudes

Food Dudes is a healthy eating programme for schools around Ireland.

It helps people enjoy fruit and vegetables.

It also gives rewards if you eat your fruit and vegetables

This will help encourage you.

Food Dudes will come around every year for a week or so.

So far we have eaten apples, tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, banana, satsuma, blueberries and carrots.

This is my blog on Food Dudes

Food dudes 5th class

This year we had food dudes for 1 week. We got to eat

a lot of fruit and veg each day.

5th classes’ job this year was to bring and to collect the fruit and veg from class to class.

We got :

Monday: Apple and tomato

Tuesday: Pepper and satsuma

Wednesday: Blueberry and carrot

Thursday: Banana and cucumber

Friday: Apple, blueberry, carrot and courgette

My favourite is the apple and carrot.

Thank you so much to food dudes for giving all of the fruit and veg to our school .

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