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Junior Achievement Ireland & Biodiversity workshop - 2nd class

Over the past few weeks, 2nd class have taken part in the Junior Achievement Ireland programme. They have been exploring different places and aspects of our local community with the help of our fantastic facilitator Claire. We started by finding different shops and buildings in a community and jobs associated with these places. We produced paper pancakes, we voted using our ballot tickets, we payed our taxes and we discovered how money moved around in a community. It was great fun with lots of interesting activities and challenges, which the pupils thoroughly enjoyed. After completing the 5 workshops, each child then was awarded with certificates as they had all successfully completed these workshops.

The pupils were also lucky enough to take part in a Biodiversity workshop recently. They looked at different habitats and places in the natural environment and some of the many creatures you might find in these. The class then went on a nature walk to look at the various plants and search for some minibeasts!

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