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Junior Infants - The Doctor's Office

Junior Infants had a great time learning about the Doctor’s Office. They learned all about the doctor and instruments they use. They enjoyed playing in the role play area. Here, the receptionist was busy booking appointments, signing people in and taking payments. The poor patients arrived feeling unwell, some even had some broken bones. Lucky for them, they were well taken care of by our doctors and nurses. The doctors and nurses were busy checking patients, taking x-rays and prescribing medicine to make everyone feel better.

The boys and girls made x-rays and identified different bones in their body.

At the playdough area, Junior Infants created medicine, plasters and gave some poor children chickenpox. They also created doctor instruments with the playdough.

It was a good week for Junior Infants to get their vaccinations. We practised giving injections in the role play area all week. They even got a sticker when they got their play injections.

It was a great month in the doctor’s office and we look forward to our next Aistear theme.

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