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World Book Day - 5th Class

This world book day we made cereal box book reports.

We brought cereal boxes in, then we covered our boxes in coloured paper. We made the front cover and stuck

them on to the boxes. After that, we did the back and sides

We then took pictures of the finished boxes.

For World Book Day we all brought in cereal boxes to write a book report on them. We all got to choose what book we were going to do. Then we had to make up a cereal that's based on the book, e.g. my book was called Gordon’s Game so I named the cereal ‘Gorden Gobbles’. We had to put games at the back of the box. I put a maze and a sheet of paper that shows you the prizes you can win in the box. We also had to put a rating of the book out of five stars, a recap of the book and a cool cereal design on the front.

On World Book Day 5th Class made cereal box book reports. This is how we made it.

  1. First we chose a book

  2. Next we covered a cereal box with sugar paper

  3. Then we got a bit of card and designed the cover

  4. Finally we wrote a summary put on the final touches

World book day

For world book day I got a cereal box and wrapped it with green paper and made a cover that said “Alien Food” I did the book “Alien friendship”. I also stuck on a bit of paper with the characters, another with the title,author and number of pages. We also stuck on Where the book was placed and I also did a short summary of the book on the side. On the back I made a qr code scan to win a free xbox! On the front cover I designed an alien cereal that looked really cool! I also had an Alien mascot that is always hungry and loves Alien Food. Anyways that is it for this document, Cya!

We have made some cereal box book reports! First we brought in a cereal box to use, then we covered the box in sugar paper then drew a cover connected with the book we chose to write about.

We then gave it a rating out of 5 stars . We also put the information on the sides and the top. We finished the boxes and are now in the corridor for display! So go check it out!

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